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Brushes on Blue wood_edited.jpg

Book Your Paint Party

When deciding on a date for your paint party, please take a look at our available dates on the calendar below. Then fill out the form below to get a confirmation of the date/time. 
Please fill out this form below first to check date/time availability. We'll contact you to set up your party!
When filling out the form or call/email to book your party, please have a painting (with optional choices) selected from the "Paintings" page OR note the theme/idea that you'd like to do, the date that you'd like to hold your event. Thank you!

Success! Message received. ARTaround will contact you soon!

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Private Party Down Payment

Please make sure we've communicated about the your desired date/time before making your payment!

You've already booked your Paint Party - YAY! You can now secure your date and time with your down payment that goes toward the total cost of your party! 
$25 to secure your KIDS party
$30 to secure your ADULT or ALL AGES party. 
You'll be directed to Paypal. 

You do not need a paypal account in order to use your credit or debit card with PayPal.

Thank you!
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